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Cemsa have over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of Resistance Welding and Assembly machines for various sectors of industry. With exports of more than 70% of their yearly production the company with its team of qualified engineers and skilled workers, are able to cope with the most sophisticated demands and applications of Resistane Welding and Assembly Automation.

Cemsa offer:

  • Spot and Projection welders
  • Seam and Butt welders
  • Special NC robots including combined systems with multiple axis
  • Fully automatic lines, transfer or flexible cells for assembly and factory automation.

Main markets served are:

  • Automotive components
  • Household appliances
  • Mesh, wire goods, grating and tube products in general
  • Electromechanical, electrical and electronic components
  • Metallic, office furniture and shelving
  • Heating, conditioning and ventilation
  • Lift, elevators and building structures
  • Railways and aerospace

Standard Welding Machines

Spot and projection welders for frames, mesh and mechanical   components – special tools for high production.


Multi Spot Welders: MPS

NC automatic transfer lines with multi spot welding heads for   production of shelving, steel furniture, doors and panels. May be   linked to automated sheet cutting and bending lines.

  Multi Spot Welder

CNC Welding Machine: CNC Roboseam

Numeric controlled seam-welding machine for sinks and stainless   steel. Welding capacity up to 1.2mm. Roller able to enter bowls   distance till 25mm. Tooling with cooling water collector. Operating   field 1200x2000mm

  Seam Welder

CNN Welding Cell: Roboroof SNG-AUT

Spot and projection CNC welding machine. Two stations. 1200 daN   welding head, three phase transformer, 75.000 A DC output.   Special use for automotive, thickness for steel up to 4+4mm and for   aluminium and 3+3mm

  CNC Welding Cell

Automatic Assembly: F.S.A Systems

Flexible Assembly systems, including programmable indexing tables   with either C.N.C or P.L.C systems for use with vibratory feeders   and various combinations of welding heads. Used for assembly and   welding of automotive, small domestic appliance and   electromechanical components etc.

  Automatic Assembly

Ventalation Tube Welders

Bending seam-welding machine for production of zinc coated sheet   tubes for ventilation. Fully automatic from coil. High production and   great flexibility.

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